Traditional Pure Pork
Italian Sausage*

Price $25.00 plus shipping**

Spicy Pure Pork
Italian Sausage*

Price $25.00 plus shipping**

*All sausage is packaged in 3 lb packages.

**Sausage is shipped by FedEx 2Day AM because it is fresh frozen and is delivered in 1 -2 days. Shipping is priced at $28.50 for the first package and $14.50 for each additional package.

We only ship our fresh italian sausage Monday - Wednesday, to insure freshness!!

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Our Traditional and Spicy Italian Sausage is made from a family recipe passed down from generations. We pride ourselves of using 100% trimmed pork butts with special spices including fennel. It is 92% lean, gluten free and has no preservatives or nitrates. It literally melts in your mouth!!

If you love the outdoors, the grill is a great way to cook our Italian Sausage. You also could bake it in the oven or on the stovetop in a skillet, just put a small amount of water in the pan instead of oil. Above all, make sure you do not pierce the skin, all those wonderful juices will be lost which keeps the sausage moist and juicy.

All our sausage products are fresh frozen and shipped daily by FedEx 2Day AM to insure freshness and quality.

Recipe Ideas:

  • As a main course
  • A snack with your favorite wine, cheese, and bread
  • As an addition to your pasta or marinara sauce
  • Great as a pizza topping, take it out of the casing or slice it, just make sure you cook it before you put it on the pizza.
  • Substitute for your ground chuck in your favorite lasagna recipe for a flavorful twist.
  • Sauté peppers and onions and put it in a soft Italian roll for a delicious sandwich.

However you choose to enjoy our traditional or spicy sausage, you and your guests will remember the savory taste sensation of Michael & Vincent's Italian Sausage.

Our Italian Sausage is available in either traditional or spicy flavors and is available in 3 lb packages. It is flash frozen, then ready to ship overnight. There are two flavors to choose from – traditional and spicy. Order yours today and Mangia!!